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Tronco Tambopata, is a family tourist establishment located in the lowlands of the Amazon region, specifically in Madre de Dios, Peru. Our region enjoys a warm climate (May to October) and rainy weather (November to April) with temperatures ranging between 25°C and 38°C, and a humidity of 99%. This range of climatic variation, added to a geography of meandering rivers and exuberant vegetation, creates ideal conditions to house countless animals that you will be able to see in their natural environment during your stay with us.

Thanks to this kind of place, it is possible to offer you a great variety of adventure activities and observation of flora and fauna that revolve around the Amazonian landscape.

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Next, we present a recording made by a group of visitors. And to your right, a dynamic graph (provided by Windy) with the current weather conditions in our region. You can use more than one tool to obtain data on variables such as: winds, rain accumulation, temperature, cloudiness, etc.


Yakumana lake

Yacumama Lake

A hidden lake where you can do fishing, watch parrots and macaws and a beautiful sunset surrounded by a forest of palm trees.
canopy hike at 40 meters high in the peruvian amazon

Canopy Walk

This activity involves walking across a 200m long suspension bridge at a height of 30m where you will be able to view the forest from another perspective (at the height of the treetops.
Yacare caiman and capybara. Perú Tours

Sighting of alligators and capybaras

After 5:00 p.m., we headed by boat to an observation point where it is possible to see alligators and capybaras carrying out their feeding and resting activities.
Parrot clay lick

Parrot Clay Lick

This activity starts very early, at 1:30 hours, upstream. There we will observe the concurrence of parrots that come to this clay wall to feed daily, creating a small natural spectacle of color and sounds.
sandoval like

Sandoval Lake

It is a full day excursion inside the Tambopata National Reserve. A 4km interpretive trail, an experience rowing where you can meet monkeys, giant otter, alligators and many birds.
Botanical Walk

Botanical Walk

We have a series of interpretive trails where the local guide will teach you a large number of trees of medicinal and forestry interest.
Macaw Clay Lick

Macaw Clay Lick

A clay cliff, continually visited by various species of macaws, parrots and parakeets. It is certainly a great opportunity to observe a mixture of colors and sounds sorrounded by nature.


An adrenaline-fueled experience from start to finish at the height of the treetops. This is a fairly secure structure held by steel cables at a certain inclination and secured by Petzl carabiner clips and pulleys.
Immersion in Primary Forest

Immersion in Primary Forest

This adventure activity takes you into the thick of the forest to live an experience of survival and direct contact with nature using basic equipment. On the way, you can see a giant of the forest (the chestnut or Brazil nut).
Interaction with Native Family

Interaction with Native Family

On this trip, we want to offer you an experience that connects western culture with ancestral Amazonian culture through a visit to an indigenous family located on the banks of the Madre de Dios River.
Taricaya Ecological Reserve

Taricaya Ecological Reserve

Taricaya Eco Reserve, is a space dedicated to the care and conservation of endangered wildlife. They do a great job of rehabilitating animals to later release them into the jungle.

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Live unforgettable experiences in the jungle of Tambopata

Discover the fauna and flora of the mysterious mother jungle and live unique and unforgettable experiences with nature and exotic animals.

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