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TOUR Macaw Clay Lick Chuncho | 4D - 3N

Tour type

Paquete Days

Group size

2 - 8 people


$470 per person


Upon arrival in Puerto Maldonado, your Tourist Guide who will accompany you throughout the tour will receive you at the airport or at the bus station in this city, then we will take you to the lodge by land or river transportation.


Upon arrival at the Lodge, our Tronco Tambopata staff will welcome you with a delicious soft drink made with fruits from this Amazon region, so that you can then proceed to your bungalows to leave your belongings and get ready for a brief presentation about the itinerary and recommendations during your stay.


We will start a walk around the Lodge, where your expert guide will give information about some plants, seasonal wild fruits, we will be able to learn about some Amazonian insects and perhaps we will be able to see a Majas (Dasyprocta azarae) that usually transit through the hostel during the day.


We will taste a delicious lunch prepared by our expert cook.

We will have a moment to rest after lunch, to continue with our scheduled activities.


We will go to our canopy walk to equip ourselves with our safety equipment to start our extreme adventure activities; A new experience and a sensation of adrenaline is what we will live when carrying out these activities, we will slide in the middle of plants and trees, we will have the adrenaline to the maximum! Hanging bridge is approximately 200 meters where we will walk accompanied by our Guide who will explain everything that can be seen from that height, we recommend you bring binoculars because we will see different species of birds around the Amazon jungle

After doing the Zip-line, one of the most requested activities for high adrenaline that can be experienced when doing the round trip, it will be our opportunity to overcome our fears in heights.


In the afternoon after living the adrenaline to the fullest; We will embark on a rustic / artisanal boat where we will travel upstream through the waters of the Tambopata river, where we will have the opportunity to see wildlife such as taricayas, birds, parrots, herons over the sky, and if we walk with a little luckily we will be able to see some anaconda sunbathing in some rocky parts of the Tambopata river

We will arrive at a very large sandbank next to the Tambopata River where we will be able to see the Amazonian sunset that can be seen from this place; It is incredible to see this jungle landscape where we can take many pictures, we will stay until it starts to get dark

As it is completely dark, we will turn off the outboard motor and let ourselves be carried away by the current of the river, in order to search for caimanes on the banks of the Tambopata river, we will have the privilege of being able to see the different types of caimanes that this river houses. there are records and opportunities where specimens of more than 4 meters have been seen. we will be able to observe it very closely seeing the possibility of observing being able to catch one of them and having that opportunity to be able to catch them with our hands and take some exemplary photos, and then return them to their natural habitat; Having to get that contact with this wild species will be the best feeling you have ever experienced.

Likewise, we will have the opportunity, if luck accompanies us, to be able to find a family of Capybaras, the largest and heaviest living rodent in the world, this species usually moves in large groups, they are very passive and calm animals which will allow us to make some You take amazing photos.


We will taste a delicious dinner prepared by our expert cook who will delight in the flavors made with inputs from the region, grown on our land.

We will get up very early, approximately 03:00 am, we will embark in a car and we will travel for approximately two hours on an unpaved road; until we reach the Filadelfia River Port where an outboard motor boat will be waiting for us to board and continue our trip to the Macaw clay lick. In this part of the deep jungle of Tambopata, during the tour there will be many opportunities to see fauna in its wildlife, we could see caimanes, tapirs, capybaras and if we are very lucky we will have the opportunity to see a Jaguar that always tends to approach the river to drink water.

We will navigate approximately 60 minutes upriver until we reach the largest macaw clay lick in the world where we can see more than 12 species including parrots and macaws eating clay, which is part of their usual diet for these birds.

We will have all the time they like to see their activity, from the way they arrive and the way they leave, this clay lick is the most visited by tourists from all over the world.

We will take the opportunity to have a good breakfast in front of the Macaws that will be there for several hours in the morning.

On the return we will have a walk in one of the less traveled paths of the Amazon jungle of Tambopata, we will see more species of birds, insects and some wild mammals, howler monkeys or spider monkeys that are very frequent.

We will rest in the accommodation that will welcome us that day, and then prepare for lunch.


After having had lunch and had a little rest, we will return by boat to the shore of the River Port of Philadelphia; If on the way there is an opportunity to see some wildlife activity, such as seeing an anaconda, we will get closer to a prudent distance to be able to appreciate it.

We will take the return car which will take us back to the hostel, since our route and continuous experiences, we will arrive at around 5pm in the afternoon.


We will have a typical dinner with which you will be delighted with the Amazonian flavors; after that you can rest or have some drinks that we have in the bar.

We will taste a good continental breakfast, or we will take breakfast on board the boat that will take us to one of the most beautiful places in the Tambopata Reserve (Sandoval Lake), a water mirror with an extension of just over 3 kilometers, known for its great biodiversity that is home to this majestic lake


We will embark on a traditional boat, where we will go to the Tambopata Reserve, our trip will take approximately 1 hour, we will navigate the Tambopata River, we will be able to see birds along the way.

We can also see the union of the two main rivers of this region (Tambopata River- Madre de Dios River)

Upon arrival at the Tambopata Reserve checkpoint and after passing the respective verification, we will start a walk of approximately 40 minutes, along the way we will see gigantic trees, medicinal plants, monkeys, birds, insects, rodents, reptiles.

This reserve is one of the most important in Peru, since it has a record where it houses more than 1000 species of birds, 300 species of butterflies will be delighted with the biodiversity of this Reserve that is still intact.

Arriving at the lake, we will embark on a rustic rowing boat where our guide will row around the lake where we will be able to observe macaws, herons, taricayas, piranhas, black caimans, anaconda and we will have a great chance of seeing the largest otter in the Amazon ( river wolf) some specimens that are currently in danger of extinction, and that only inhabits the Amazon area of ​​Peru, Brazil and Bolivia.

We will have a good view which will allow us to take good photos of the landscape of the Amazon jungle of the Tambopata Reserve

After completing the tour and seeing many species in their wildlife, it will be time to return to the entry point of the Tambopata Reserve to embark and return to our lodge, during the return we will have the opportunity to see once again wild species on the shores. of the mother of god river


We will taste an Amazonian lunch prepared with our expert cook, made from wild leaves from the Peruvian Amazon

We will have the afternoon free to rest and save strength for our last activity at night; Or if you like, you can use the facilities to have a drink that is at the bar for sale.


We will taste a delicious dinner made by our expert cook.


After dinner we will meet in a free part of our facilities, we will light firewood and make a bonfire where we will be able to interact in a better way with the guide, asking certain questions.

The guide will tell you some stories, mysterious legends of the Amazon, if the sky is clear we will have a privileged panorama, we will get to see the starry sky and even the constellations, a great experience under the sky and around thousands of insects and birds of the jungle that emit their sound.


We will get up approximately 04:00 a.m. We will leave by land for approximately 50 minutes, we will arrive at one of the newly discovered lakes named YACUMAMA

We will enter the natural attraction in a rustic rowing boat, since this lake is surrounded by exuberant aguaje palm trees, which grow in the lake and these in turn are refuges for thousands of birds and especially parrots, we can also fish for piranhas. most aggressive carnivores in the world, we will be able to see small and medium-sized caimanes during the tour and if luck is with us we will see an anaconda or river wolf

In addition to the great diversity of fauna in this lake, it has something that makes it special and different from others; What is the sunrise? It is magical. It will be a memory for the rest of your life.

Observe how the birds leave their nests, a unique contemplation in this Amazon jungle, we will stay until it is completely day

We will return the same way we went until we reached our lodge


We will taste a good continental breakfast, then we will give the indications of the activities to be carried out during the rest of the morning.


The time arrived at approximately 10am, we will pack up and sadly say goodbye to the biodiversity of Peru and then head to the city, where we will leave them at the airport or bus station.


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