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Puerto Maldonado 4 Day Tour

Tour type

Adventure Tour

Group size

2 - 8 people


$370 per person


Upon arrival in Puerto Maldonado, our team will pick you up at the airport or bus station in this city, then we will take you to our facilities by land or river transportation for approximately 30 minutes.


Upon arrival at our facilities, our team of collaborators will welcome you with a delicious refreshment made with fruits of our region, then you can access our bungalow to leave your belongings and get ready for an introductory walk around our lodge.


We will enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by our expert cook.


After lunch we will have a short rest, then we will go to our suspension bridge to equip ourselves with our safety equipment to start our extreme adventure activities.

  • The suspension bridge is approximately 200 meters long, from where we will be able to appreciate during the tour giant ants, birds, birds and some insects of the Amazon, which will be explained in a professional way by our guide.
  • Afterwards we will do the Zip-line or Tyrolean traverse, one of the most requested activities due to the high adrenaline that can be experienced while doing the round trip, it will be our opportunity to overcome our fears at heights.



In the afternoon after living the adrenaline to the maximum; we will go to embark on a rustic / handmade boat where we will make a ride through the waters of the Tambopata River, where we will have the opportunity to see birds, parrots, herons over the sky, we will go slowly in order to see some species that live around the rivers.

We will wait for the sunset on the Tambopata River, which will allow us to see a great sunset; it can be said that it is one of the best sunsets in the world, since the combination of the sky with the shadow of the giant trees and the mirror of the river water make it really spectacular.

When it is completely dark we will search for caimans on the banks of the Tambopata River, we will have the privilege to see the different types of caimans of this species that houses this river. We will be able to observe it very closely seeing the possibility of being able to catch one of them and have the opportunity to catch them with our hands and take some pictures with the specimens, and then return them to their natural habitat; having contact with this wild species will be the best thing that you have been able to live in the Amazon jungle.

We will also have the opportunity, if we are lucky enough to find a family of Capybaras, the largest and heaviest living rodent in the world, this species usually moves in large groups, they are very passive and calm animals which will allow us to take incredible pictures.


After an afternoon full of good adventures, we will taste a delicious dinner made by our expert cook who will be delighted with the flavors made with local ingredients, cultivated in our lands.


Afterwards we will have a bonfire, where we can share our anecdotes and mysterious stories lived in the jungle, we will also taste a small exotic drink made with roots of the most known and medicinal plants of our region.

We will also listen to the sound of the insects and songs of the nocturnal birds of the Amazon jungle and we will have the opportunity to appreciate a great panorama of the starry sky.

At the end of the tour we will go to rest.


We will taste a good continental breakfast, then we will get our backpacks ready and go to one of the most beautiful places in the Tambopata Reserve (Lake Sandoval) a mirror of water with an extension of a little more than 3 kilometers, known for its great biodiversity that houses this majestic lake.


We will board a traditional boat, where we will head to the Tambopata Reserve. We will navigate the Tambopata River for approximately 1 hour and we will be able to see birds during the whole trip.

We will also be able to see the union of the two main rivers of this region (Tambopata River – Madre de Dios River).

Arriving at our destination, at the entrance of the Tambopata Reserve, we will begin a walk of about 40 minutes, along the way we will see giant trees, medicinal plants, monkeys, birds, insects, rodents and reptiles.

This reserve is one of the most important in Peru, as it has a record of more than 1000 species of birds.

Arriving at the lake, we will embark on a rustic rowing boat where our guide will row around the lake where we will be able to observe macaws, herons, taricayas, black caimans, anacondas and the largest otter of the Amazon (river wolf) some specimens that are currently in danger of extinction. Then we will take a break and taste the Amazonian food.

In the afternoon we will return to the entrance point of the Tambopata Reserve to embark and return to our facilities, during the return we will have the opportunity to see once again wild species on the banks of the Madre de Dios River.


We will enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by our expert cook.

We will wake up very early, we will prepare everything to appreciate a festival (show) of different types of parrots that inhabit this Amazon region. We will embark and leave by land or river in a trip of approximately 1 hour from our lodge.

This experience will be unique and unforgettable, we will appreciate the sunrise and we will be able to hear the noise of the insects and the song of the birds of the Amazon.

For bird lovers it is a great festival as these can only be seen in the Amazon.

When we arrive we will be able to observe a large number of parrots gathered like every morning on the clay wall, ready to continue their diet, these minerals that the parrots eat contain useful substances for their diet and detoxification.

It is recommended to keep a prudent distance so as not to frighten the parrots or make them feel threatened.


We will taste an Amazonian breakfast that we are sure you will be delighted with the variety and flavor of these foods.


We will navigate upstream on the Tambopata River, and then paddle down in the kayaks for about an hour, enjoying the natural environment accompanied by the sounds of insects and birdsong that fly over the Tambopata River. The guide and the staff on board will provide instructions on the use and handling of the kayak so you can enjoy the nature that will accompany us on this great tour.


We will return to our lodge for lunch, where we will enjoy a tasty refreshment made from the fruits we grow ourselves in our conservation forest.


After an exhausting day, we will have a break in the afternoon where we can recharge our batteries for the last activity of the day.


At nightfall we will prepare the flashlights to start the tour in our forest, looking for animals, insects and birds, we can find night monkeys, frogs, large tarantulas, rodents, spiders, owls, owls, owls, fireflies, snakes or vipers.

We can also appreciate certain nocturnal plants that have a peculiar characteristic, you will be amazed with this nocturnal experience that is lived in the Amazon rainforest.


We will enjoy our last dinner in the middle of the trees, after which we will be able to enjoy a drink at the bar on a voluntary basis.


We will enjoy a good continental breakfast, then we will give the indications of the activities to be carried out during the rest of the morning.


After breakfast we will have a short rest.

We will hike for about 2 hours where we can see a variety of trees, medicinal plants, we can taste wild fruits throughout the hike, we will also observe wild animals in our forest, such as monkeys, birds, squirrels, sloths and snakes.

We will have the opportunity to see a specimen of chestnut tree one of the main and best trees of this Amazon rainforest as this specimen can only be found in Peru in this area of Madre de Dios.

The collection of this nut is one of the main activities and flag of this region, because with it you can make endless edible products and even beauty products.


Approximately 10:30 am it will be time to pack our bags and sadly say goodbye to the biodiversity of Peru and then head to the city, where we will drop you off at the airport or bus station.


We recommend bringing mosquito repellent, flashlight, binoculars, personal items, sun block, walking shoes, long shirts and pants.

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